Motocross Track Builders has been building race tracks for private use; and for Motokazie Motorsports Productions since 1997. We currently build 12 to 20 private tracks and 20 commercial Supercross tracks per year. We also build and maintain Motokazie's 3 amateur motocross racing facilities in Minnesota: Kellogg MX, Mankato MX, and Jordan MX. Each motocross track we build or maintain is different depending on site conditions, riding level of customer, and desired format. Motocross Track Builders has built over 250 tracks in the past 15 years all across North America. Check out our Track Portfolio page for examples of our work.

Motocross Track Builders has been offering consulting services since 2007. We have worked with businesses and organizations all across the United States, Canada and Europe. We offer basic services such as cost and profit estimates or track designs. Motocross Track Builders can also provide in depth services, such as complete facility design, permitting assistance, and staff or event training. Check out our Services page for more details.

The Motocross Track Builders crew has extensive experience in building, riding, racing, and trouble shooting race tracks. They are all riders that have experienced hundreds of facilities throughout the United States. They have accumulated the knowledge and skills necessary to build great motocross tracks.

Motokazie Track Builders includes all design, transport of equipment, lodging and building of track into one price. We make it very simple & "Turn Key" for you. Construction usually takes 1-3 days. A large Cat Dozer & large T300 Bobcat are used for most construction. Occasionally we use other equipment if needed. We use our own equipment with-in 200 miles of our shop. Distances over 200 miles we will either drive or fly in and rent equipment.
The first question is always cost. Before cost, let us point out a few things: we do it right the first time, we do not waste your time, and customers have been very satisfied with all of our past work.

We first listen to your needs, learn who is riding the track and the skill level of those riders. We will then plan out the proper course(s). We know exactly how to build & shape jumps, distances, angles, jump section combination or whoops, how to get a track to drain, how to build all jumps, etc. You can be confident that Motokazie Track Builders will consider your needs and will deliver a great product.
A frequently asked question is if the land owner needs to haul in fill dirt. The answer is no. We use 2000-5000 yards of what is existing soil on your site to build the track. We do this by cutting grade to push this dirt into obstacles. If your site requires fill it will cost 2-3 times more. So rule of thumb is never haul in dirt, use what is onsite. Professional Supercross tracks can be the exception to this rule.
What does it cost? The answer is it varies. A general range is: $6,000 to $15,000 for most jobs. All costs come down to a time and travel estimate; all cost estimates are estimates and each track is bid on a per track basis.

You can contact us for an estimate or to ask any questions.

Once the estimate is completed, accepted by you, signed & returned with down payment your track is scheduled.
We will meet the morning of the Construction date. We usually need 30 minutes of your time to learn our work space and go over a few details. Hang around and watch us work if you wish or just come back when we finish. There is a final walk through of the track and the job is complete.

Motocross Start Gates built by Motokazie using high quality components. For over 12 years we have built our own 20-40 riders Motocross Starting Gates for our motocross races in addition to small start gates that our customers request. Call or Email us today for a quote on your 3- 40 rider gate.


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