For project esimates contact Lee Theis:

 Motokazie Track Builders
 PO Box 56
 Jordan, MN 55352

Phone (this is only a message service, please leave a message)
(952) 601-1169

You can contact us for more information via the above, or by filling out the form below:
We need to know 14 things:
1.Where is the potential track located: city & state?  
2.What format (MX, SX, AX, Pit Bike)?  
3.How many acres to build on?  
4.Is this a private practice track or a commercial business facility open to the public?  
5.How did you hear about us? RacerX, Cycle News, Cycle USA, Internet search, other  
6.What type, age & level are the riders?  
7.What size of bikes are you riding?  
8.Dirt type (sand, black, clay, gravel)?  
9.Is there grass cover, sod like?  
10.Is there contour to the land, hills or is it flat?  
11.Any low land or wet spots?  
12.Trees in the way? How big? How many?  
13.What is your expected date of completion?  
14.We need your contact information & phone #  
15.Your email address  

Once the estimate is completed, accepted by you, signed & returned with down payment your track is scheduled.
We will meet the morning of the Construction date. We usually need 30 minutes of your time to learn our work space and go over a few details. Hang around and watch us work if you wish or just come back when we finish. There is a final walk through of the track and the job is complete.
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